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Why travel to study naturopathy? In the 21st century we have the technology which allows you to gain high quality training without leaving your home.

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Many individuals cannot afford to attend campus-based naturopathy courses. Often, the only alternative is to travel to the nearest school which offers part-time or weekend naturopathy lectures. Sometimes considerable distances are involved.

But with a subject like naturopathic nutrition (also known as naturopathic nutritional therapy or holistic nutrition), very little in the way of physical demonstration is required. This is a perfect subject to study by distance learning, which means you can stay at home and make good use of the time and money you would have spent travelling.

distance learning naturopathy is a better option

Internet-based naturopathy courses are also cheaper to run, and we can reflect this saving in the course fees.

Naturopathy Courses: Our Training

Being a successful natural health practitioner is all about the quality of your training. We work extremely hard to provide a high-quality learning experience which will add naturopathic nutritional therapy to your repertoire. The quality of our course is recognized by major professional bodies in this field.

The School of Modern Naturopathy provides an extensive and in-depth knowledge of the principles and practice of naturopathic nutrition. This knowledge will enhance the practice of any health professional and will also help those working in the fitness industry, health food stores and vitamin or natural products companies.

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If you plan to work as a writer or journalist, you would gain an in-depth understanding of holistic health which would greatly improve the quality of your books and articles and also make it much easier for you to find ideas and reliable information for articles to interest your readers.

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Naturopathy Courses: About Us

The School of Modern Naturopathy opened in January 2011. Its founder and course director is acclaimed British natural health expert and author Linda Lazarides. Linda has more than 20 years experience in naturopathy. She treats her students as personal apprentices, using internet-based methods such as a dedicated student forum.

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