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At our school we do not believe that distance learning Naturopathy via the Internet is a second-class option. We work extremely hard to provide a top-quality learning experience with our naturopathy course, and resources which will not just benefit our students but also our graduates as they begin their careers. The quality of our naturopathic training is recognized internationally by the Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners, the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, and the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.

We actually believe that distance learning naturopathy courses are in many ways a superior option, since they allow students to study at their own pace and take a short break whenever concentration is waning. This greatly enhances the use of a student’s time. Distance learning naturopathy courses are also greener because they require no travel. The time which would have been spent on travelling can instead be spent studying.

Distance learning is an ideal way to combine naturopathic training with a demanding job or other commitments.

For the few parts of our course which need visual demonstrations, we use online videos which students can access from the Students Resources part of our website.

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This course is superb!! The guidance and wisdom that Linda offers is wonderful. This course requires hard work but is great for anyone who is passiona

Sep 18, 2017 by Ashleigh Harrison
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Region: Western Cape 

This course is superb!! The guidance and wisdom that Linda offers is wonderful. This course requires hard work but is great for anyone who is passionate about natural medicine. Linda is there to ...
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Distance learning naturopathy courses

  • a. mohammadi said,

    hi I am a MD (physisian)in iran i want to be as a ND(NATUROPATHIC DOCTOR) and establish a clinic in naturopathy in canada is your certificate accrediated by canada after finishing your program via distance learning? and how much i must pay to achive your certificate? asi have passed some units like anatomy and physiology and…. is it necessory to pass again in your school? thanks

  • Linda Lazarides said,

    We welcome physicians to study with us. There is no problem for our graduates to work in Canada. At present Canadian organizations are not accrediting distance learning courses, but you can join either the British or American organizations which accredit our course. Canadian insurers recognize these organizations.

  • Teresa said,

    I am very interesting to learn more about nutrition. I have a full time intensive job, in the IT, I am working more than 40 hours a week how much time do I need to calculate on weekly basis for the intensive nutrition course? Is one day (8 -9 hours) a week enough?

  • Naturostudy said,

    We have calculated that students need to spend about 10-12 hours a week studying, including time spent on the monthly assignments. Hoping this fits your schedule.

  • edward said,

    Hello, Great to see your website..Your course is what I am really looking for! I am a vegetarian, a massage therapist and my lifestyle is all natural. I do advocate naturopathy!

  • Kiara said,

    Do I have to be a certain age to do this course?

  • Naturostudy said,

    Our entry requirements can be viewed on this page

  • D.D.MAKHIJANI said,

    Does your course teach about weight loss?

  • Naturostudy said,

    Module 7 is all about weight loss and looks at modern research which is now finding that calorie control and exercise alone are not the most effective methods. We aim to empower clients with techniques that reduce the amount of willpower that is required to adhere to a weight loss program.

  • christina said,

    What is the cost of the course? Do you get certification and is the course online?

  • Naturostudy said,

    The cost of the course can be found in the Prospectus section of this website. The course has online content plus module books which are sent to your postal address. Successful graduates are awarded a diploma.

  • maryrose said,

    I live in Texas, will I be able to take your courses ?

  • Naturostudy said,

    The course is open to people all over the world.

  • Rose said,

    Will ur offered course help me become a doctor in naturopathy? i am a nurse by profession.

  • Naturostudy said,

    Please see this page http://www.naturostudy.org/frequently-asked-questions/

  • Naturostudy said,

    Pradeep, most of our students are not science graduates. You do not need a degree to study with us.

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