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Our course is an online apprenticeship with an internationally-acclaimed natural medicine expert. It is a training course for people who don’t just want an academic qualification with little practical value, but who want to work in the field of natural health care, or perhaps help a much-loved family member return to wellness. Our school has an outstanding reputation in the world of holistic health. Please see our testimonials.

The School of Modern Naturopathy diploma qualifies you to practise as a natural health consultant specializing in naturopathic nutrition. In the United States you would be eligible for board certification from the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. In the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada you would be eligible for accreditation by the Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners and the International Institute for Complementary Therapists. See this link for further information about our accreditation.

Why intensive?

At the School of Modern Naturopathy we believe that many individuals who are passionate and committed to naturopathic nutrition, are prepared to put in extra hours of study and don’t necessarily need, or perhaps are not able to afford, a course that spreads its content over 2-3 years.

Our School caters for people who want to gain a practitioner diploma within just one year, and are prepared to work hard to reach the required standard. You will receive personal attention and guidance from acclaimed international expert Linda Lazarides.

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    What is the total cost pls, not just tuition fees but anything else involved, like professional fees, books and other material?

  • Linda Lazarides said,

    We have given much thought to keeping down the subsidiary costs of the Naturopathic Nutrition Intensive. Course books have been chosen with costs very much in mind, and you will be glad to know that most can be obtained for under 20 USD or 15 GBP. Some are available second-hand for under 2 USD or 1 GBP on Amazon websites. The total number of compulsory books is around 10, but of course you don’t need to buy them all, you can borrow from libraries.
    The other main subsidiary cost is joining a professional organization and getting insured. In the UK (as at November 2010) this costs around 160 GBP per year.

  • Jeffrey S said,

    What is the cost of your intensive course and which professional organisations are we obliged to join?

    Kind regards

  • Naturostudy said,

    The cost can be found by scrolling down the Prospectus page. The professional associations which accredit our course can be found on the Accreditation page.

  • Marta said,

    Is it possible to take one or two weeks off during the course year if one goes away for a short holiday and may not be able to study there?

  • Naturostudy said,

    Yes, there is no problem. A student can ask for extra time to complete an assignment in the event of special family or work circumstances.

  • David said,

    Can you pay the course in monthly instalments ?
    Are there payment plans available ?

  • Naturostudy said,

    Payment for the course is made in monthly instalments.

  • Deborah said,

    I am seeking an institution that is fully accredited both in the U.S and Canada, I desire to practice in the U.S however; so is this the case are your programs of study recognize in the United states?

  • Naturostudy said,

    Please see http://www.naturostudy.org/frequently-asked-questions/

  • Michael said,

    What payment mode is acceptable from students outside the UK?

  • Naturostudy said,

    We use Paypal technology to release our online content. This means Paypal is the only method we are able to accept.

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