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With most courses you have to start at a specific time of the year, like September or January.

At the School of Modern Naturopathy we have the technology to allow you to start studying whenever you are ready. Your modules will be mailed to you once a month, and during that month you will also have access to online content and to the student community (forum) for your current module.

The forum is where you can ask questions about the module’s teaching materials and assignment and interact with others at the same module level.

More information

  • Maureen Cowen said,

    This internet course looks very interesting, but I cannot see a mention of what the fees are and what payment methods are acceptable (e.g. all at once, instalments, etc). Please advise.

  • Naturostudy said,

    Hi, you will see this information if you click on the Prospectus link and scroll down.

  • Sarah said,

    Who in the UK is accreditation possible with?

  • Naturostudy said,

    Please visit this page

  • Karina said,

    if I am living in a remote area of Australia, where it may take extra time for course materials to arrive, can this be taken into account with monthly assessment deadlines etc?

  • Penny Cordier said,

    I am interested in doing this course. How long is this course for?

  • Naturostudy said,

    The course is for one year.

  • Naturostudy said,

    Yes, you have a month to complete each assignment, starting from when you receive each book. Postage is included in the course fees.

  • Annie Kluman said,

    roughly how many hours a week would be required for the course?

  • Naturostudy said,

    Students will need to spend approximately 10-12 hours a week studying for this course.

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