The Internet Is A Modern Way To Learn

20th century naturopathy learning

  • Think of a question that you want to ask your teacher
  • Write it down
  • Wait for two weeks
  • Travel to London (or maybe New York, Dublin, Toronto or Sydney)
  • Put your hand up in class
  • Ask your question and hope you get a good answer considering your teacher may be unprepared.

21st century naturopathy learning

  • Think of a question
  • Go to your computer
  • Log into
  • Ask your question
  • Get an answer from your teacher within 24-72 hours
  • The answer can also be read by everyone else in your class

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Frequently asked questions

  • Camilla said,

    Hello, I am wondering about the accreditation of this course in Australia? Would i be able to practice and get insurance? I am opening a health center next year as i am a yoga teacher and personal trainer.

  • Linda Lazarides said,

    As you say, the main legal requirement in Australia is to get insurance, and this often involves joining a professional association which is linked to a special insurance scheme. If you are already insured for yoga, you might want to contact your insurance company and ask if they will add naturopathic nutrition or nutrition advice to your policy.

  • Cho-chiong said,

    How much is the tuition fee ?

  • Naturostudy said,

    Hi, please visit this page and scroll down.

  • Nik said,


    Your course looks very good.

    I can’t find the book list that runs along side the course. Do you have it available please?

    Also are your course fees coverted from US dollars to GB pounds?

    Big thankyou.

  • Naturostudy said,

    We use Paypal technology to deliver our online course content. This means Paypal is the only method we are able to accept.

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